Men and Women in Partnership Engagement Programs


The inclusion of men in violence prevention will create a world where women and girls are not only safe from abuse and the threat of violence, but will also be safe to fulfill their potential and have control over their own lives.


Whilst it is undeniable that men commit the majority of the acts of Violence against Women and Girls, but at the same time, many men stand strongly opposed to it. They do recognize the grave consequences of this act of violence for their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters and are also in a unique position to stop the violence, influence community norms, attitudes, gender roles and expectations. There has been so many awareness raising campaigns on the consequences of violence, but without a significant difference for most individuals to alter beliefs around patriarchal norms or to challenge male privilege.  In order for things to change, there is the need for a significant shift in how men think about women as well as how they think about themselves and their own entitlements in their various domains.



LEWAF ‘Engaging Men as Partners’ interventions will involve “Formation of Men Groups” in communities and introducing a specialized and successfully model for working with men – called “Men and Women in Partnership” (MWP) model.

This model represents one step in a long-term process of behavior and attitudinal change. It involves a learning process, and the sessions outline in the curriculum offers men participants the opportunity to rethink belief systems; to learn through reflection and group discussion; and to enhance participants own inherent abilities to make individual changes. Over the course of the 16 weeks learning session, participants will be challenged to take concrete steps to equalize the balance of power between themselves and the women in their own lives. They will engage in dialogue and reflection about their own experiences; attitudes and values regarding gender equality, Violence against Women and Girls and its consequences; and their relationships with women. At the same time, they will be challenged to make individual changes in attitudes and behaviors.